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A great house that’s perfect for you is hard to find out there, even in the Hamptons.  Let’s make the one you have work!

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For over a dozen years,  Rennew Properties has specialized in projects that begin with what’s already there, refashioning existing space and adding to it to meet our clients' needs.  Sure, you could tear down and start from a blank sheet of paper, or buy a builder’s spec house that looks like everyone else’s.  We’d like to help you find the soul of that diamond in the rough you have, or are about to buy.

OK, sometimes starting over is the only way that makes sense, and we’re here for you.  But starting with an existing house is going to expend about a quarter of the carbon and keep your old house out of the landfill.  Not to mention, give you something completely yours at the end of the process!

We can offer as much project management as you need:

  • Help conceptualizing your vision from the big idea to finishes

  • Pre-construction services and budgeting

  • Value engineering

  • Design from soup to nuts - or we can work with your architect if you already have one

  • All permitting and expediting

  • Making sure you meet the highest energy and sanitation standards in the country

  • Building it, of course

  • Providing access to and managing interior design and landscape design and installation services

We like to think (and our clients seem to agree) that we’re innovative, creative, high-quality and cost-efficient.   We’d love to hear what you have in mind.


Rennew Properties' Partners Ed Krug and Joe Blatz have put together a skilled, reliable team that is second to none. From our tradespeople to our associates and collaborators in landscape, interior design and other disciplines, we are ready to put our talent to work making your project a reality.

Ed and Joe - Rennew Properties

Want to learn more?  Click Here to reach out to our team

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